NBA Blackjack Tournament


  Get started by playing any blackjack game in the Casablanca Casino (web version only) from Monday February 22nd@ 12:00 am eastern until Sunday March 13th @ 11:59 pm eastern.

The ACE card for every BLACKJACK aka "natural 21" hand received during the 3-week periodwill have a picture of one of the top NBA players in the game.

The more you play and hit BLACKJACK the more cards you will collect which will reflect on your personal leaderboard.

The NBA player who has the highest AVERAGE Pts + Reb + Assists during the 3-week period is the winner of the tournament.

You will earn the equivalent of (your average bet * the total # of the winning NBA cards you collected for the week) as a CASH BONUS with NO ROLLOVER.

Lebron James plays 11 games from Feb 22nd through March 13th. His AVERAGE Pts + Rebounds + Assists during this time is 41.6 and he wins the contest. During the three week period you collected a total of 12 Lebron James cards during your time at the Blackjack tables. Your average bet at the blackjack tables was $37 per hand.

You will receive a CASH BONUS with NO-ROLLOVER equal to 12 (Lebron James) * $37 average bet = $444 CASH BONUS.
  • Injured players will not be removed. If a player gets injured during the 3-week period his average for the games he played will be used to determine the result.