Blackjack Tournament

"The most important shot in Golf is the next one"

Take your shot at our Masters Blackjack Tournament!
Collect your favorite players with every "true blackjack"
Win Free Money!

General Rules:

1. The contest will start live from April 4th @ 12:00 am ET until April 9th @ 11:59 pm ET.

2. The contest is exclusive to the ‘Vegas Offshore’ casino.

3. The contest is only available on the single-hand blackjack game.

4. Every true blackjack (Ace and 10) will be replaced with one of 20 chosen players plus a 'Field Card' which represents all other players.

5. Collect as many cards of each player as possible during the duration of the PGA Golf Masters Tournament.

6. Collected Cards will be shown in the ‘Contest’ link on the top menu inside of the blackjack game.

How to win?

1. Pre-Cut and After-Cut have different earning potential.

2. Cards collected during Pre-Cut will be worth 1 point. Cards collected during After-Cut will be worth ½ point.

3. You will earn FREE cash deposited to your account w/ NO ROLLOVER based on the number of cards you collected for the player that wins the Masters Tournament.

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